Imagine yourself sipping a cup of artisan coffee, enjoying homemade churros y chocolate, and sampling an assortment of tapas or street-style tacos, as a steady flow of easy rhythms and the pleasant buzz of laughter and conversation floats above and around you.  That’s Cafeza.

Cafeza is the original “Cafeceria”, a concept inspired by the cafés of Barcelona and Buenos Aires, as well as the neighborhood cervecerias and refresquerias that are ubiquitious in the diverse Hispanic communities in and around downtown Houston.  Cafeza combines the best of both worlds, along with an infusion of Texan hospitality, to create a completely new and unique experience.

Cafeza offers an easygoing, vibrant atmosphere with design elements juxtaposing art nouveau and street art aesthetics.  Music is ever present, and evenings will feature performances by local musicians.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Cafeza is more than just a neighborhood coffee shop to study or have a quick meeting.  Cafeza is a destination, so come, breathe easy, and enjoy yourself!

Our Story


We moved to the First Ward neighborhood in Houston in 2011, and from the moment we arrived, we have been wishing that "somebody" would open a coffee shop for the First Ward.  Well, after years of working in corporate America, building someone else’s vision, we decided that that "somebody" should be us.

We have been fortunate to have been able to travel around the world, to Europe, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean, and have been inspired by the cuisines and cultures that we have encountered. In particular, we fell in love with Barcelona, a city that seamlessly blends the beauty of a classic European city with modernity, rich in art and performance. It was at one café in particular, La Granja Viader, in the Raval district of Barcelona, where we were first inspired to open our own café.  We were delighted by the simplicity and quality of the food, and the comfortable and unpretentious environment that they created.  It was so good that we ate breakfast there every day of our stay in the Raval.

With Cafeza, we hope to bring the same simplicity and warmth to Houston.  We want to create a unique place for people to come and forget about the stress of the day, and simply slow down and enjoy themselves.  We want to contribute to the culture of Houston and the First Ward district, and engage with many of the local artists, musicians, and performers that we are fortunate to have right here in our neighborhood.
We hope you will come, enjoy, and be inspired!